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Bibione is one of the three capital beaches of the Upper Adriatic coast. It is part of the province of Venice. Compared to the other two tourist capitals, Jesolo and Caorle, it is the most north-eastern one bordering the nearby Friuli Venezia Giulia.

It is actually an island, part of the municipality of San Michele al Tagliamento from which it detaches precisely because of the passage of the Tagliamento river. The island of the municipality destined to become in 60 years of investment and care of the territory, the second tourist beach in Italy in terms of number of presences and accommodation capacities.


Bibione was a marshy area practiced in an insignificant way since Roman times who, massively settled in the nearby colony Julia Concordia, now Concordia Sagittaria, began some reclamation works definitively abandoned by the Venetian Republic of the Serenissima and left in the hands of fishermen locals. The latter continued to live in their stilt houses, the so-called "casoni", built along the banks of the Tagliamento river, with a wooden structure and covered by the marsh reed of which the lagoon is rich.

It was with the Kingdom of Italy in 1886 that interest in this strip of land began to grow. The reclamations began mostly to make a place crowded with insects and covered with stagnant waters healthier. Only in the early 1950s did the inhabitants understand the enormous luck on which they lived, an expanse of golden sand, a wonderful and shallow sea near the shore, therefore suitable for families with children and an inland rich in culinary and cultural products . Thus began the development of Bibione which has become an international tourist destination.

The beach in general

Bibione beach has a length of 11.5 km and a depth ranging from 250 to 400 meters.

During the summer season it hosts up to six million tourists, making it the second largest tourist beach in Italy. It is a beach with golden sand, bathed by the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic Sea organized in such a way as to offer its tourists all the services they need.

For the safety of the customer there are 22 rescue stations with rowing boats and hydro-boats, an emergency room equipped and equipped with a defibrillation unit with medical personnel specialized in emergency intervention.

Equipped with comfortable sun beds, deck chairs and umbrellas arranged at a right distance from each other, it becomes the ideal place to indulge in the warmth of the sun, pleasant reading, long afternoon naps, card games with friends and partners. The bar kiosks distributed along the beach become indispensable refreshment places for an excellent morning breakfast, a good lunch and a tasty ice cream in the afternoon and why not, to end a splendid day with a fresh aperitif!

For the little ones guaranteed fun thanks to the animators who from May to September will happily keep your children happily occupied, giving you the luxury of a free and professional babysitting to make you feel even more on vacation!

But the Bibione beach has also been designed for those who love sports.

The length of its shoreline allows for excellent jogging early in the morning or in the evening directly on the shoreline taking advantage of the less hot hours.

The beach is also suitable for the practice of various fitness exercises, martial arts. Particularly suitable for meditation exercises facing the sea, being exposed in the direction of the Zenith, therefore completely illuminated by the sun from its birth to its sunset. For those who love the group, there are many areas dedicated to fitness led by instructors made available by the companies that directly manage the beach.

In addition to the traditional water aerobics at sea, you can tone your body playing Beach Volley or Beach Tennis in the specially equipped areas scattered everywhere along the beach.

For those who love sport fishing, they can practice serf and long casting in the Pasotto area at Lido dei Pini.

Bibione also offers many water sports and fun!

Kayaking, windsurfing, canoeing, sailing, water skiing, parafly, swimming school and diving. Alone or followed by professionals who can start you in one or more sports, the sea of ​​Bibione awaits you to make you appreciate this way of experiencing its waters.